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Decorate Your GardenDecorating your garden with all kinds of festive decor for the holidays will add cheer to your home. You can decorate the outside of your home as festive as you do on the inside. You can make a big difference by decorating your garden with Christmas decorations and by restoring your tiles to compliment your efforts.

Tile your garden walls with riven cladding before the holidays begin so that your garden is neat and provides a good canvas for the decorations. You can hang the decorations from the cladding without damaging it. You can place hooks in the cladding's crevices, then hang jingle bells or Christmas stockings. Place three to five of these along the wall in a uniform manner.

Place a Christmas tree next to the paved braai area to be enjoyed during any outdoor gatherings with family and friends. If you have many trees in your garden you can decorate them with different coloured wreaths or hanging ornaments on the branches. Add colourful lights to complete the Christmas tree. Some wreaths can be left outside throughout the year.

Place decorations on your lawn such as a Santa Clause with reindeer. If you don't want to go that big, you can place a few elves all over your garden with them holding a string of Christmas lights. This will look festive and light up your garden at the same time.

If you have outdoor furniture, you can cover them with red and green fabric as well as place cotton balls along the top edge of the chairs. The cotton balls will look like snow and add some festive cheer. You can also use popcorn to create the same effect. For added effect, you could scatter popcorn on strategic areas such as in corners so that it looks like snow that has gathered in the corners of the garden.

Place lanterns on the ground along the pathways. Ensure that you've tiled the pathway before the holidays. If you don't have lanterns, you could make your own by placing candles in mason jars. Cobblestones make lovely earthy pathways, especially the Roma Random Cobbles which remind you of the days when people drove horse drawn carriages. The lanterns will light up the pathways which will give a soft glow that fits in with the Christmas ambience.

Remember not to overdo your garden with all sorts of decorations and lights. The fun part of the holidays is the opening of gifts on Christmas day, eating good food and being with friends and family. Having a beautifully decorated garden will add to the festive cheer.

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